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The Launch Ceremony for Excavating the Main Tunnel Body of the Macao Song-Mountain-Ring Pedestrian System Design and Construction Project is Held

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area serves as an important support for the development of the "Belt And Road". In recent years, CREC’s Macao Office has been paying high attention to relevant polices and project information of Hong Kong and Macao. And all of the projects awarded to CREC are key projects launched by local Government for carrying out urban construction and improving people’s livelihood. On 14th January, a launch ceremony for excavating the main tunnel body of the Macao Song-Mountain-Ring Pedestrian System Design and Construction Project awarded to the Joint Venture led by CRIG was held.

The Macao “Song-Mountain-Ring Pedestrian System Design and Construction Project” is the key project of Macao SAR. Since its commencement, the said Project has attracted the attention of all walks of life of Macao. Macao Daily News and other media have repeatedly reported the Project’s execution progress.

The Project’s main works include the construction of a new pedestrian tunnel with approx. 300m length, and construction of a supporting pedestrian overpass and lift system and other facilities. The construction of the pedestrian tunnel mainly proceeded from south to north. Presently, site formation is being carried out at the location of the Tunnel’s north portal, and related excavation and supports are being conducted at the Tunnel’s south portal, in which construction of a big pipe roof for the south portal was completed, and the main tunnel body excavation was launched. Further, the excavation of a pedestrian path on the east side of the south portal was basically completed.

After the “Song-Mountain-Ring Pedestrian System Design and Construction Project is completed, it will penetrate through the Song Mountain, connect the pedestrain system of Coastal Boulevard area and pedestrian system around new port area, reducing the walking distance from about 1100m which currently circles around Song Mountain to approx. 400m. In addition, it will improve the walking environment within the region, connect surrounding public facilities and leisure spaces, align with overall land transport policy of the Government of Macao SAR, thus making its important contribution to Macao’s green urban structure.

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