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CREC South America Southern Regional Headquarters Strengthens Overseas Compliance Management

After the “Song-Mountain-Ring Pedestrian System Design and Construction Project is completed, it will penetrate through the Song Mountain, connect the pedestrain system of Coastal Boulevard area and pedestrian system around new port area, reducing the walking distance from about 1100m which currently circles around Song Mountain to approx. 400m. In addition, it will improve the walking environment within the region, connect surrounding public facilities and leisure spaces, align with overall land transport pOn the morning of Feb. 25th, the Preparatory Group of CREC South America Southern Regional Headquarters managed by CRIG organized the first legal and compliance training via video connection. More than 120 people in total, including legal and compliance personnel, marketing personnel and contract management personnel from CRFG, CRFEG, CRSG, CRNG, CRTG, CRIG, CRTG, CREEG and the Preparatory Group of the Said Regional Headquarters who are engaged in the operations of the South America region attended the Training.licy of the Government of Macao SAR, thus making its important contribution to Macao’s green urban structure.

The said Preparatory Group publicized national laws and regulations as well as compliance management regulations formulated by CREC, notified key compliance management and control during the business management of the South America Southern Region as well as legal and compliance training plan for the Year of 2021, and studied and discussed the overseas compliance system construction of the Regional Headquarters. In addition, it made an in-depth explanation of a negative list for overseas compliance management from six aspects like compliance management of multilateral financial institutions and bidding compliance management by using a large number of vivid cases and in combination with the business of overseas regional headquarters and actual situation of legal and compliance management.

As entrusted by CREC, the three Regional Headquarters managed by CRIG, including CREC South America Southern Regional Headquarters, carried out practical business development and preparatory work at the same time ever since their opening ceremony on Dec. 21st, 2020, and achieved phased progress in every work. As far as marketing management is concerned, the Preparatory Group of the Regional Headquarters took an active part in the marketing of new projects within the Region, and fully communicated with sister companies in countries like Guyana, Chili and Argentina, cemented interactions with companies engaged in the business of “Numerous Countries”, actively carried out tendering and marketing management. For institutional improvement, it centered on marketing and other key work, and prepared “Regulations for Individual Country Marketing Management of CREC South America Southern Regional Headquarters”, “Regulations for Information Database Management of CREC South America Southern Regional Headquarters” and “Negative List for Compliance Management of CREC South America Southern Regional Headquarters”, and collected opinions from related departments of sister companies engaged in the business of respective countries. The standardized institutional arrangements have provided an important institutional and compliance guarantee for improving marketing quality of the South America Southern Region and facilitating compliant and efficient operation of various construction and marketing business.

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